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Way to Tackle Twitter as a Team

Respondly keeps your team perfectly in sync on Twitter, so you can deliver incredible support in a fraction of the time

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“If your company receives customer support inquiries via Twitter, Respondly will save you tons of time.”

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Most Twitter tools aren’t built for support
— they’re built for marketing

But smart companies know Twitter isn’t just about creating buzz ... it’s also one of the best ways to keep customers happy.

... Too bad 99% of social media management tools are terribly designed for customer support.

If you’re tired of...
  • Scrolling back in your feed to figure out where you left off last time
  • Never being sure if a customer tweet has been dealt with
  • Missing or losing track of tweets
  • Clicking through a mountain of @mentions to get at the good stuff
  • Scrambling to delete a tweet from the wrong account
  • Logging in & out of multiple Twitter clients & support tools
Then Respondly is exactly what you’re looking for.

Respondly is perfect for…

Customer Support Teams

Any business with an active Twitter following

Online Community Managers

Designed from the ground-up to deliver exceptionally responsive, team-based Twitter support

Share the load...without stepping on toes.

Shared “inbox” design makes it easy for everyone to stay up-to-speed.
Assign tweets to your teammates.
See what each team member is working on in real time.

Cut through the noise — focus on the tweets that matter.

Monitor specific tweets, such as brand mentions, hashtags, and keywords.
Filter spam and irrelevant @mentions.
Create & save advanced search queries that update in real-time.

See instantly what’s on your to-do list.

Archive & hide tweets as soon as you’re done with them.
Retain the full thread of every archived tweet, so you never lose context.
Searchable archive keeps every detail at your fingertips, forever!